Shopify Development

Shopify Development Service

Magma team Shopify Developers are professionals that specialize solely in the development of Shopify websites. They understand how Shopify works and are well-versed in Payment Gateways, Inventory Management, Navigation, and Checkout Operations. Shopify Website Developers have extensive experience creating online stores using the Shopify e-commerce platform. They also collaborate with Shopify Apps and Integrations for Inventory Systems, Payments, and other store-related functions. They have distinct perspectives, development experience, and an in-depth understanding of everything necessary to specialize in Shopify Projects.

    Shopify Development

    As a web developer, you make a Shopify store look great, work fast, and eventually drive more sales and build up client loyalty behind the scenes. Magma web tech is the go-to agency for all Shopify-related tasks, including user-centric design and integration, as well as support and maintenance. The technical side of your ecommerce business is backed by the expertise of true professionals.

    Shopify Store Design

    Magna Web Tech is a full-service design company that offers high-end technical solutions, outstanding UX/UI, and custom Shopify themes. In addition, we create video and graphic content for branding and marketing campaigns.

    Shopify Marketing

    The key to remarkable business results is a proven marketing strategy. That's exactly what we do: we get to know your clients, your industry, and your story in order to develop effective strategies that help you succeed. Through sophisticated planning, we provide Shopify marketing services that deliver results. We monitor and review the results. Using this data analysis, we optimize your business' performance from the very beginning.

    Support & Maintenance

    Support for your Shopify store assures timely troubleshooting in case any errors occur. We ensure both the stability of your store and the user-centered customization. It can be extended with new features and custom fields to enhance the user experience. When things go sideways (which is unlikely if we build your store from the ground up), our development team will make it their priority to make changes. We can also suggest solutions to improve the speed of your website.

    Shopify Migration

    Imagine that you already have an ecommerce website that is built on a different platform for your store. In that case, you can rest assured that all your content and information will be successfully transferred to Shopify. Migrations from WooCommerce, Wix, Magento and other content management systems are smooth and flawless with magma webtech. We ensure outstanding performance and complete data migration without any loss while considering search engine optimization.

    Shopify Headless

    To some, Headless Shopify sounds like the title of a horror film. In reality, headless commerce is a technologically advanced solution that would increase the performance of your Shopify store. In other words, headless commerce consists of the front-end customer touchpoints as well as the back-end infrastructure of e-commerce apps. The Headless Shopify platform allows brands to be completely independent and offers them unlimited opportunities to improve and expand their stores. Furthermore, it helps to build new customer relationships. We are here to help you take your store to the next level with future-driven solutions like this.

    Shopify Development Process

    Requirement Analysis
    Wireframing & Designing
    Programming Development
    Testing & Debugging
    Deployment & Maintenance